About Simon Warner

This blog is for all people who would like to read my sermons.

It has taken a long time for me to be persuaded that I should do this, and I hope the words I wrote to be preached are helpful to you in your life.

All of the sermons were written in English for native speakers. The Korean versions are translations and may not accurately express the original.

We are all on a journey. Some of us have just started, some of us are lost and some of us have already gone a long way. I am a believer in Jesus, and this means I believe that at some point on your journey you have to come to him or you won’t get any further.

My  name is Simon Warner. My home since 2010 is Jinju Church. I pastor the International Christian Fellowship at Jinju Church. We have an English language service every Sunday at 11am.

This is the oldest church in Jinju and belongs to the Presbyterian branch of the body of Christ. Jinju Fellowship is non-denominational. Members are from various nations and cultures and traditions of worship. We are joined by our love of Jesus and our desire to be better disciples. Everyone is welcome at our services. People who know nothing about Jesus are welcome. People with problems are welcome.


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