The refugee who saved a nation

Exodus 3:10–20

What do you think of refugees? At this moment in history, many people feel very unfriendly toward refugees. They are seen by some as potential terrorists, potential criminals, or just lazy people. There is a lot of discrimination against refugees in America, in Britain, and right here in Korea. Some years ago, a murderer was on the run. He escaped to another country and lived there for 40 years as a refugee.

In his own country he had been an educated and important person, but now he just looked after animals. He was no longer important or well dressed. He was a powerless nobody.

God, who sees things differently than us, chose this person as a leader. His name of course was Moses. Whenever we say the name Moses, we have an image of a great leader and powerful miracles. But at that time, Moses would have looked very different. He would have looked like a refugee.

Some people have pride in themselves. They are educated or handsome and think they need to be leaders because they can improve the world. Most people lack confidence and think it’s not worth bothering because they cannot make a difference. Which one are you?

When God spoke to Moses from the burning bush and called him to go back to his country and lead his people out of slavery, Moses was the second kind.

God doesn’t chose people because of what they can do, but because of what God can do.

God told Moses in verse 20, “So I will raise my hand and strike the Egyptians, performing all kinds of miracles among them. Then at last he will let you go.”

God parted the Red Sea, and all Moses did was hold out his staff. So it is with us. God will bring peace to the world using refugees. God will save North Korea using refugees. It is to God we have to look, not to ourselves. I ask you to please listen now to our brother refugee from North Korea with the ears of God, see him with the eyes of God, understand his words with the heart of God.

Amen 아멘


About Pastor Simon

Pastor at Jinju International Christian Fellowship. Formerly of Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK. I am Simon Warner of Jinju Church. We speak English at Jinju Church, South Korea.
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